Mountain Brook Baseball History 

1. From 1969 to 2017, 79 players have signed college and/or professional contracts, an average of 1.61 players to sign per year.

-Terry Miller was the 1st signee to Birmingham-Southern in 1969

-Of the 80 total players 70 were college-only signees

-Of the 80 total players 37 players signed with Division 1 programs

-Of the 80 players, 10 signed professional contracts.

-Of the 72 players, 3 signed professional contracts out of high school: Bland, Jackson Golsan

2. Emeel Salem, Sr was the first player to sign a professional contract in 1973 after bring drafted in the 10th round by the Cubs.

3. Nathan Bland was the first player to sign a professional contract out of high school after being drafted in the fourth round in 1993 by the Dodgers.

4. Emeel Salem, Jr and Trevor Holder are the only former players to be drafted twice.

5. In the last 15 years, under Coach Gann, 30 players have signed college or pro contracts, for an average of 2.00 players per year to sign.

6. With 49 years of history, our information concludes that MBHS has an average of 1.63 players to sign each year.